Mirabel Hélico and its partners offer a full range of services: helicopter purchase and rental, storage, maintenance; pilot training, sightseeing flights and leasing of premises.

Office Space and Hangar Leasing

Mirabel Hélico rents premises that are perfect for a custom-built office space for your business or superior quality and well-lit hangars to store your helicopter in all safety. The reception and relaxing areas that are put at the disposal of partnering companies are great assets to create an outstanding workplace.

  • Leasing of single or shared hangars
  • Leasing of office space with aeronautical services (custom-built premises to suit your business operational needs)
  • Rental of an Airbus H130 helicopter (operated by Helipsair)

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Office Space and Hangar Leasing

Helicopter Maintenance

MHS, Mirabel Héli Support, a company under the leadership of its president Patrice Chaput, performs maintenance works on more than thirty privately owned helicopters and commercial aircrafts. MHS offers maintenance services for the following types of helicopters: Robinson 44, Airbus H120, Airbus H130, AS 350/355, SA 341, Bell 206, Bell 407 and Bell 222. 

Maintenance and Repair Services:


  • Routine Inspections
  • Major Inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Dynamic Balancing

Importation and Pre-Purchase Inspection

MHS, Mirabel Héli Support, has acquired a vast expertise in helicopter importing. MHS guides the buyers and provides detailed and relevant information to allow them to make a sound purchase.

Re-lifing and Customization

MHS, Mirabel Héli Support, offers the possibility of customizing your helicopter to suit your taste and needs. This service includes the interior furnishing, painting and avionics.

Kit Installation

MHS, Mirabel Héli Support, can install various components such as GPS, Bearpaws, cargo mirror, engine air intake filter (AFS, FDC Filter), etc.

Composite Repairs

From small jobs to major repairs, MHS, Mirabel Héli Support, carries out repairs on composite panels or canopy according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To contact the owner directly: 4FQ5KLFDDHAGRYURY2SLG4@KHDSUQ5YQGLKSD_encrypted_@

Helicopter Maintenance

Other Services

  • Corporate Transport
  • Sightseeing Flights
  • Fuel
    • Fuel Service for Jet A and 100LL
    • Available 24/7 with an electronic chip


Other Services

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